Friday OMG ASS Ride

OMG ASS = Old Married Guys out for Another Slow Stroll (open to all riders).  We did 23.5 miles last night with the OMG ASS group. 6 riders and a few cans of beer in the panniers. We started at the Lake Nokomis Recreation Center and worked are way to Lake Harriet for our first of two beer stops. 80* degrees and a dead calm on the lake at 10PM. Hopped back on the bikes and PeeWee’s Big Adventure was playing at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. It was very tempting to stop and watch but we rode on to Lake Calhoun, then headed east on the Greenway until the end. We hopped onto West River Parkway to scout for our next beer stop by the river. The night ended with some chips, onion rings (I do not recommend these) and beer at Busters on 28th. Great ride last night at a very good pace I might add. No ride next Friday because of the Salsa Two-Four at Afton. Come on over to Afton and we will have some beer for you. Two-Four is always a good time and there are some great bands playing Saturday night.


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