Winter Riding Gear

I was out riding today for almost 3 hours in 15* degree cloudy weather with no issues. The only thing I would add to my winter gear hoarding is a wind vest to keep the belly warm. Gear

  1. 45NRTH Wolvhammers to keep the feetz toasty
  2. 45NRTH Bergravens which also helps keep your feet and shins warm. Totally not needed but damn nice to have on a ride.
  3. Mammut Traileka soft-shell pants. These have worked great so far. Stretchy, moisture wicking, breathes and repels light wind. Works much better than last years Chrome Knickers.
  4. Twin Six Thermal Knickers. They work but I don’t necessarily like the fit. I think the shoulder straps are too thin and the front doesn’t come up enough over the beer belly. Would work better on those skinny PBR drinkin’ hipsters.
  5. Rapha winter collar – If you bike in the cold you NEED this!
  6. Rapha merino hat – Great hat, no itchy or uncomfortable seams under the helmet. I like this much more than my 45NRTH Greazy hat.
  7. Smartwool socks to keep the piggies warm.
  8. Giro gloves for the fingers. I have half pogies so you might want something beefier without the pogies.
  9. Ibex baselayer – Pick your favorite merino wool shirt manufacture. The Ibex stuff just fits me really well.
  10. Ibex Indie Boulder Zip – Again Ibex works for me. I prefer the non-cycling merino wool so I can use the same gear for backpacking and canoeing trips.
  11. Twin Six Wooly – Works. Plus it looks good wearing it to the desk job.
  12. Beard (not pictured above) – Keeps your face warm and looks bad ass. Do not over grow as you will look homeless.


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