If You Know Anything…

If you know anything about MORBID, then you probably know we like bikes, beer, and ‘Merica.

I was able to do the first two tonight, while in America, so I got that going for me. It was bike maintenance night since I have been feeling like shit and it is shitty conditions for the fatty. The new King headset and Race Face cranks were installed a couple weeks ago, thanks to Angry Catfish, no more creaking! Since the rest of the drivetrain was a shitshow and got hosed with salt driving to SoDak and back I decided to replace it. I picked up a new chain(SRAM 991) and cassette(red spidered SRAM 990) and slapped them on, I also installed new tubes(QBP Lightweight Downhill Tubes) and dropped almost a pound and a half off the bike. I also pulled the bags off the bike to wash it down and take it out of Adventure Mode and into Race Mode. The Fatbike Frozen 40 and other events are soon approaching and I look forward to not being last and drinking the most while “racing”.

RevelateFatsSome of the bags will be going back on for the Frozen 40(tool bag/Revelate Jerry Can) and the Revelate grab bag. The rest will be on and off throughout the season again but the Muk2 is ready for some snow…or sand…or dirt, just not ice at this point…Fucking fuck ice.

On to the beer part. I like this…I like it ah-lot. Milky-Choco boozy, but not too boozy beer. Get yerself a four pack and drink them all. In one sitting. You won’t regret it.


And I’m out. Night peoples. -pr


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