Fat Bike Frozen Forty


About midnight after wrapping up a chilly 20 miles on Friday night with the MORBID OMG ride I decided to get a little more stupid and hit the Fat Bike Frozen Forty at Elm Creek the next morning. I would need to do a few quick things to the Mukluk to get it ready, this would include taking off the rack and Anything cage and moving the 2nd bottle holder up to the fork. I also managed to remember to cut up some bars and other foods so I didn’t get any bonks. I went to bed about 1AM and set the alarm for 645.

Woke up early and loaded up all the stuff I left out so I wouldn’t forget. MikeyB was heading up to take some pictures and hang out a bit. Day of registration opened at 8AM and I was there a little after that. Got registered, got my number on the bike and was ready to go. MikeyB called about 830 and was on the South side of the park, told him where to find the actual trailhead, damn you Google Maps!

MikeyB rolls in and starts snapping away, it was a chilly morning, I was glad to be “racing” and not sitting shooting today, just standing around was cold. As I was bs’ing with the people I realized I forgot a helmet. I’m dumb. I mentioned this to MikeyB and he was quick to offer up his helmet that he keeps in the car. Made a couple quick adjustments to it and got up to the start line.

┬áLe Mans style start requires running, I didn’t have anything chasing me and -100 Sorels don’t move to fast so I opted to walk it, also cause fuck running. There was a nice little line in the back, I wasn’t looking to win or get any fast times so I only passed people when they were going quite a bit slower than I wanted to go. First lap went fine, I went down because I was looking at the camera and not the trail. I’m an idiot, “re hydrated” and headed back out for lap #2.

MikeyB proceed to shoot more pictures, I proceeded to crash again, another slow retarded crash. Whatever, snow.

Lap 2 complete. I was feeling good and there was lots of time left, I “re-hydrated” again and ate a brat. Talked to MikeyB and let him know I was going out for another lap. Lap 3 was good, no crashes but bashed my hand into the same tree I managed to bash my hand into on the first lap. No injury, keep riding. The trail was starting to get pretty muddy in spots so I decided to not go out for a 4th lap.

I took the time to “re-hydrate” again and eat some more animal based foods and bullshit with everyone there.

It was an awesome time and thanks to all the sponsors of the event.

Twenty2 Cycles, Cognition Caps, Bar Mitts, Adam Turman, Braaap Energy Bars, Maple Grove Cycling, Trailhead Cycling, XXC Mag, PreRace, Ride Fatbikes, 45Nrth, Peace Coffee, Surly Brewing Co.

Check out the event website: http://www.ridetriplef.com/

MikeyB’s pics are here: http://honeytreephotography.zenfolio.com/fatbikefrozenforty2012

7 thoughts on “Fat Bike Frozen Forty

  1. Thanks so much for the awesome write-up. I love hearing the stories of the Triple F from the rider/racer perspective. All I had hoped for when creating this event was to create a fatbike mid-distance endurance event that riders might be interested in giving a try. It turned out well, which would not have happened with supportive sponsors and racers. Thanks for coming to the event, and thanks for your terrific write-up.

  2. If you want to view or purchase a picture of yourself kicking ass on your phat fat bike from the FFF check them out at the link below. Once you download your pic you can do whatever you want with it….Facebook, blog, share with your Grandma…and trust me, I’m hardly making a profit. I just took the pictures because I know how hard it is to take a pic of yourself on your own bike.


    Sponsors and organizers can contact me at info@HoneyTreePhotography if you need any pictures for promotional use.


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