Weekend Rides

Most Friday nights we have a group ride that heads out from S.MPLS about 930PM to parts known and unknown.  Usually about 15-30 miles at a medium pace, sometimes bike paths, sometimes dirt, a few times both.  Usually there are a couple of beer stops(BYOB).  As the fall has been getting colder we have been dropping riders here and there.  This last Friday it was just me and JZ.  We did a little spin followed by some fire and a beer or two at a friend’s place.  If you want in on some riding post up or hit the MORBID FaceplacePage and I will get you added.

Sunday was a chubby bike day.  I met up with PC at Angry Catfish about 930AM and we did a little exploring along the river and Minnehaha Lower Glen for a bit before heading out towards Bloomington.  We cruised along at a pretty comfortable pace and had some wildlife spottings along the way.  Saw a nice Buck and Doe standing their ground, we stood there for 4 or 5 minutes and they just stared right back.  We rode down to 9 Mile Creek while stopping at one of the other creek crossings for a Surly Wet that PC had brought along.  That hit the spot.

On our way back from 9 Mile we spotted a racoon that wouldn’t get off the trail, I rode around him, within 3 feet and he just hissed at me.  Guessing there was some rabies involved there.  Made it back and was a bit tired when I got home.  I ate everything within 2 feet of me.  I figure we did 40+ miles and some good hiking along the river in spots.  It was a great day for a ride.

The other big thing that happened this weekend was my little one got a new ride.  Thanks again to the guys at Angry Catfish, she loves it.

Join us for a ride sometime.  -PR

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