2014 Catfish Angry Cold Carver Cup Lake Race Thing…

Another successful 2014 Cold Angry Cat Lake Fish Race on a mountain bike trail in Woodbury. Tallgrass was kind enough to supply us with beer and Potter’s Pasties with food. 5″ of snow fell the day before creating some fun conditions for the riders. It was also a toasty 36* degrees outside causing riders to shed clothing faster than Miley Cyrus. I took some pictures, drank some beer and bullshitted around.

Check out the photo’s HERE

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Gifts On The Cheap For The Beer Drinking Biker In Your Life

I read all of these articles about ‘Great Gifts For The Blah…Blah…Blah” and they suggest shit like $1500 bikes and clothing for $100+. As much as I would love for Santa to stuff a Ti Mukluk under my tree, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. So how about a gift list that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are some suggestions from your beer drinkin’ and bike ridin’ friends at MORBID because we care.

  1. Bottle/Can Sweater. These little stocking stuffers start at $5 and up. Check out Summit Brewing or maybe an Etsy creation for the can.
  2. Frame bag for your beer…er…I mean spare tube, gels, sex toys, cellphone etc. Banjo Brother frame bags are affordable starting at $32.99. They also make some great Seat Bags starting at $12.99.
  3. Niner YAWYD – Show off your beer pride by mounting your favorite beer bottle top cap on your bike. For only $12.99 it makes you 1.8MPH faster and aerodynamic bitches! While you flip over your handlebars it reminds you that you will need a beer soon.
  4. Beer Gear! Did you know there is a dedicated craft beer gear store in St.Paul? Yeah, it’s call The Beer Dabbler. It’s awesome. You can get some local brewery pint glasses for $5 bucks along with all kinds of other awesome beer stuff. How about a subscription to The Growler? Some good reading while dropping a deuce after filling up on that Christmas ham.
  5. Speaking of local beer. Dangerous Man Brewing has a damn fine looking Bike Hat for $28.99. You’ll look hipster as fuck. (Drink some fantastical beer there too). Check out other HammerBone caps.
  6. Want some arts for the beer drinking biker in your life? Immediately click over to Adam Turman’s website and purchase some awesome prints. Prints starting at $21.99 to purdy up those blank walls in your dwelling. Once you are done purchasing everything click over to Artcrank’s site to find out when your local poster party for bike people is going to take place.
  7. You can’t go wrong with a flask. Twin Six has you covered for $25.99. Holds alcoholic liquids and has a bike influenced design.
  8. Do you like to grill meats and drink beer? For $15 bucks this Grill Sergeant Apron is a no brainier. And if you just like to drink beer check out the insulated Hops Holster for $26 bucks or if you like to shotgun beers (fast drinker) try this non-insulated Camo Holster for $7 bucks.
  9. Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing local craft beer? I know I do *wink* well then purchase a growler bottle and a gift card at your local brewery taproom. It is not a good idea to have the growler filled and wrapped under the Santa tree as this would create a vomit filled Christmas.
  10. Beard Bags has a nice can holster for your bike for $25.99. A twofer as it doubles as cozy!
  11. Park Tool bottle opener. It’s blue, opens bottles and functional assuming you need a 10mm wrench $5.99. Do you want to increase your awesomeness? Check out the Wall Mount Bottle Opener for $19.99.
  12. Want something crafty, recycled, functional and cool? Check out Trigo, they make little coin purses out of old tubes along with some other locally made craft goodies.
  13. Check your local bike shop. I’m sure there are some big sales going on with a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman directing you to come inside and buy, buy, BUY!
  14. I’m out of ideas…go search the Googles and find your own shit.


Thinking of Gravel…

It’s been a bit chilly and icy up in the Northland, as I roll closer to February I start thinking of spring rides, in MN since the trails mud up pretty well, that means gravel riding a lot of the time.


Minnesota was a pioneer in long distance gravel races with Ragnarok, Almanzo, Heck of the North, and now a pile more. If you aren’t riding now, you better get on it if you want to have a chance of finishing one of these crap weather shit shows.  Get those postcards in the mail.


It’s a MEAT-UP

Winter 2013 MEAT-UP – Feb 7th @ 7PMish. Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub.

So you say, I’m new to this MORBID game, what’s a MEAT-UP you ask? Well, it’s a like going to the bar with 20-50 of your friends and having a good time drinking, chatting about bikes, beer, knitting, and random life lessons.  Everyone is cool except for that one jerk over in the corner(hey the MSP bike community is small).

Show up, you’ll have a good time and I might give you some stickers or a coozie.

More Info: FACEBOOKS!!!