Fat Bike + River Bottoms = Boom.

I set out from my place in S.MPLS at about 2pm for a slowish 25ish mile ride though Mendota both ways and loop the MN River via Cedar Ave Ped Bridge.  I tend to ride this route pretty often, probably 10 times this year so far.  I didn’t get down there at all last year as most of the trails were under water a good chunk of last year and this spring.  In dryer years and when I lived in Bloomington, I rode this 2-3 times a week.

The slop was still there when first setting out from Mendota, some fun mud spray.  Lots of people and dogs out but I didn’t see another bike the entire loop.  It’s a shame since 99% of the sand that is down there is now easily passable since it firmed up.  Up and over 494 bridge and down into the refuge was next but not before finding this pile of junk on the trail.

I did my part to take some with(an old Kryptonite cable, SCORE!)

Rode down the Bloomington side of the river, scared the crap out of some walkers (NOTE: add bell to Muk2) crossed the Cedar Bridge and stopped for some water and a Honey Stinger Waffle (NOTE #2 These get pretty hard at freezing temps).

I can’t believe home much this trail has changed over the last 4-5 weeks.  The sand is almost hard packed now.  The fatbike was not needed for most of the sections.  Rolled on up to the 494 bridge and snapped this.  Seen a few other shots like this one and really liked it.

Got back to Sibley House and decided to check the trail that runs farther toward St. Paul.  Cruised on it for another 1/4 to 1/2 mile and then came back, it was getting a little narrow and I didn’t want to bushwhack in the dark.  I was almost back to Sibley House when this happened:

I called my lady to let her know I was going to be late for dinner and she said her and the little lady would be on their way to pick me up.  I told her to meet me at Ft. Snelling, I was in the mood for a little walk.  Called Angry Catfish and had them order me another hanger.  Got home, ate dinner and took a look at what broke.

I took a quick look at the bike, looks okay so far, a few scrapes/etc.  Was a good ride, looking forward to getting back on it tonight.