2014 Catfish Angry Cold Carver Cup Lake Race Thing…

Another successful 2014 Cold Angry Cat Lake Fish Race on a mountain bike trail in Woodbury. Tallgrass was kind enough to supply us with beer and Potter’s Pasties with food. 5″ of snow fell the day before creating some fun conditions for the riders. It was also a toasty 36* degrees outside causing riders to shed clothing faster than Miley Cyrus. I took some pictures, drank some beer and bullshitted around.

Check out the photo’s HERE

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Winter Riding Gear

I was out riding today for almost 3 hours in 15* degree cloudy weather with no issues. The only thing I would add to my winter gear hoarding is a wind vest to keep the belly warm. Gear

  1. 45NRTH Wolvhammers to keep the feetz toasty
  2. 45NRTH Bergravens which also helps keep your feet and shins warm. Totally not needed but damn nice to have on a ride.
  3. Mammut Traileka soft-shell pants. These have worked great so far. Stretchy, moisture wicking, breathes and repels light wind. Works much better than last years Chrome Knickers.
  4. Twin Six Thermal Knickers. They work but I don’t necessarily like the fit. I think the shoulder straps are too thin and the front doesn’t come up enough over the beer belly. Would work better on those skinny PBR drinkin’ hipsters.
  5. Rapha winter collar – If you bike in the cold you NEED this!
  6. Rapha merino hat – Great hat, no itchy or uncomfortable seams under the helmet. I like this much more than my 45NRTH Greazy hat.
  7. Smartwool socks to keep the piggies warm.
  8. Giro gloves for the fingers. I have half pogies so you might want something beefier without the pogies.
  9. Ibex baselayer – Pick your favorite merino wool shirt manufacture. The Ibex stuff just fits me really well.
  10. Ibex Indie Boulder Zip – Again Ibex works for me. I prefer the non-cycling merino wool so I can use the same gear for backpacking and canoeing trips.
  11. Twin Six Wooly – Works. Plus it looks good wearing it to the desk job.
  12. Beard (not pictured above) – Keeps your face warm and looks bad ass. Do not over grow as you will look homeless.


If You Know Anything…

If you know anything about MORBID, then you probably know we like bikes, beer, and ‘Merica.

I was able to do the first two tonight, while in America, so I got that going for me. It was bike maintenance night since I have been feeling like shit and it is shitty conditions for the fatty. The new King headset and Race Face cranks were installed a couple weeks ago, thanks to Angry Catfish, no more creaking! Since the rest of the drivetrain was a shitshow and got hosed with salt driving to SoDak and back I decided to replace it. I picked up a new chain(SRAM 991) and cassette(red spidered SRAM 990) and slapped them on, I also installed new tubes(QBP Lightweight Downhill Tubes) and dropped almost a pound and a half off the bike. I also pulled the bags off the bike to wash it down and take it out of Adventure Mode and into Race Mode. The Fatbike Frozen 40 and other events are soon approaching and I look forward to not being last and drinking the most while “racing”.

RevelateFatsSome of the bags will be going back on for the Frozen 40(tool bag/Revelate Jerry Can) and the Revelate grab bag. The rest will be on and off throughout the season again but the Muk2 is ready for some snow…or sand…or dirt, just not ice at this point…Fucking fuck ice.

On to the beer part. I like this…I like it ah-lot. Milky-Choco boozy, but not too boozy beer. Get yerself a four pack and drink them all. In one sitting. You won’t regret it.


And I’m out. Night peoples. -pr


Fat Bike Frozen Forty


About midnight after wrapping up a chilly 20 miles on Friday night with the MORBID OMG ride I decided to get a little more stupid and hit the Fat Bike Frozen Forty at Elm Creek the next morning. I would need to do a few quick things to the Mukluk to get it ready, this would include taking off the rack and Anything cage and moving the 2nd bottle holder up to the fork. I also managed to remember to cut up some bars and other foods so I didn’t get any bonks. I went to bed about 1AM and set the alarm for 645.

Woke up early and loaded up all the stuff I left out so I wouldn’t forget. MikeyB was heading up to take some pictures and hang out a bit. Day of registration opened at 8AM and I was there a little after that. Got registered, got my number on the bike and was ready to go. MikeyB called about 830 and was on the South side of the park, told him where to find the actual trailhead, damn you Google Maps!

MikeyB rolls in and starts snapping away, it was a chilly morning, I was glad to be “racing” and not sitting shooting today, just standing around was cold. As I was bs’ing with the people I realized I forgot a helmet. I’m dumb. I mentioned this to MikeyB and he was quick to offer up his helmet that he keeps in the car. Made a couple quick adjustments to it and got up to the start line.

 Le Mans style start requires running, I didn’t have anything chasing me and -100 Sorels don’t move to fast so I opted to walk it, also cause fuck running. There was a nice little line in the back, I wasn’t looking to win or get any fast times so I only passed people when they were going quite a bit slower than I wanted to go. First lap went fine, I went down because I was looking at the camera and not the trail. I’m an idiot, “re hydrated” and headed back out for lap #2.

MikeyB proceed to shoot more pictures, I proceeded to crash again, another slow retarded crash. Whatever, snow.

Lap 2 complete. I was feeling good and there was lots of time left, I “re-hydrated” again and ate a brat. Talked to MikeyB and let him know I was going out for another lap. Lap 3 was good, no crashes but bashed my hand into the same tree I managed to bash my hand into on the first lap. No injury, keep riding. The trail was starting to get pretty muddy in spots so I decided to not go out for a 4th lap.

I took the time to “re-hydrate” again and eat some more animal based foods and bullshit with everyone there.

It was an awesome time and thanks to all the sponsors of the event.

Twenty2 Cycles, Cognition Caps, Bar Mitts, Adam Turman, Braaap Energy Bars, Maple Grove Cycling, Trailhead Cycling, XXC Mag, PreRace, Ride Fatbikes, 45Nrth, Peace Coffee, Surly Brewing Co.

Check out the event website: http://www.ridetriplef.com/

MikeyB’s pics are here: http://honeytreephotography.zenfolio.com/fatbikefrozenforty2012

Revelate Designs Jerry Can

Got this little buddy a few days ago, going to give it a good ridin’ tonight in the “snow” we got. I will have to modify my frame bag to get it to fit just right. Sounds like he has made adjustments so you won’t have to mod your frame bags in the future. I will follow up this with some initial thoughts.