Weekend Rides

Most Friday nights we have a group ride that heads out from S.MPLS about 930PM to parts known and unknown.  Usually about 15-30 miles at a medium pace, sometimes bike paths, sometimes dirt, a few times both.  Usually there are a couple of beer stops(BYOB).  As the fall has been getting colder we have been dropping riders here and there.  This last Friday it was just me and JZ.  We did a little spin followed by some fire and a beer or two at a friend’s place.  If you want in on some riding post up or hit the MORBID FaceplacePage and I will get you added.

Sunday was a chubby bike day.  I met up with PC at Angry Catfish about 930AM and we did a little exploring along the river and Minnehaha Lower Glen for a bit before heading out towards Bloomington.  We cruised along at a pretty comfortable pace and had some wildlife spottings along the way.  Saw a nice Buck and Doe standing their ground, we stood there for 4 or 5 minutes and they just stared right back.  We rode down to 9 Mile Creek while stopping at one of the other creek crossings for a Surly Wet that PC had brought along.  That hit the spot.

On our way back from 9 Mile we spotted a racoon that wouldn’t get off the trail, I rode around him, within 3 feet and he just hissed at me.  Guessing there was some rabies involved there.  Made it back and was a bit tired when I got home.  I ate everything within 2 feet of me.  I figure we did 40+ miles and some good hiking along the river in spots.  It was a great day for a ride.

The other big thing that happened this weekend was my little one got a new ride.  Thanks again to the guys at Angry Catfish, she loves it.

Join us for a ride sometime.  -PR

Low road to Mendota OMG

Went for a ride on the low road from Post Road to Mendota Pete^2 gave it a thumbs up

The route along the low road is pretty sandy for those in the know which gave Pete and Pete^2 the advantage with the fat tires. I’d never seen anyone try to get aero on a fat bike until I saw Pete last Friday night

We had a pretty decent sized group there were even a couple of those guys from the tron movie

despite the dry weather we’ve had recently we were still able to find some wet spots.

In case you didn’t know the the rides are a good mix of miles, good times and good company.

Friday OMG ASS Ride

OMG ASS = Old Married Guys out for Another Slow Stroll (open to all riders).  We did 23.5 miles last night with the OMG ASS group. 6 riders and a few cans of beer in the panniers. We started at the Lake Nokomis Recreation Center and worked are way to Lake Harriet for our first of two beer stops. 80* degrees and a dead calm on the lake at 10PM. Hopped back on the bikes and PeeWee’s Big Adventure was playing at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. It was very tempting to stop and watch but we rode on to Lake Calhoun, then headed east on the Greenway until the end. We hopped onto West River Parkway to scout for our next beer stop by the river. The night ended with some chips, onion rings (I do not recommend these) and beer at Busters on 28th. Great ride last night at a very good pace I might add. No ride next Friday because of the Salsa Two-Four at Afton. Come on over to Afton and we will have some beer for you. Two-Four is always a good time and there are some great bands playing Saturday night.