Winter Hibernation

Here at MORBID we apologize (in all reality we don’t give a fuck) but the bikes have been in hibernation because mother nature has been a real bitch this winter. It is not the most enjoyable riding bikes it -20* degree weather. For the winter we are MORFID, Minnesota Off Road Fisherman Into Drinking.

For your enjoyment check out this HUGE lake trout. Skip to the 7 minute mark if you want to get straight to the meat.


I was on a little vacation with the family and picked up a 4 pack of Red Hook Long Hammer IPA. This was one of the first IPA’s I remember trying when beginning to drink craft beer. Back then I thought it was a palate wrecker and could barely chew it back. I took a sip today and thought, “where’s the hops?”. I’m all grows up.