2014 Catfish Angry Cold Carver Cup Lake Race Thing…

Another successful 2014 Cold Angry Cat Lake Fish Race on a mountain bike trail in Woodbury. Tallgrass was kind enough to supply us with beer and Potter’s Pasties with food. 5″ of snow fell the day before creating some fun conditions for the riders. It was also a toasty 36* degrees outside causing riders to shed clothing faster than Miley Cyrus. I took some pictures, drank some beer and bullshitted around.

Check out the photo’s HERE

smIMG_0527 smIMG_0532 smIMG_0540 smIMG_0574 smIMG_0747 smIMG_0780 smIMG_0785 smIMG_0824


I was on a little vacation with the family and picked up a 4 pack of Red Hook Long Hammer IPA. This was one of the first IPA’s I remember trying when beginning to drink craft beer. Back then I thought it was a palate wrecker and could barely chew it back. I took a sip today and thought, “where’s the hops?”. I’m all grows up.