Sock Pre-Order

Yarp. CoolMax in time for summer, 3″ cuff, USA Made. Will look something like this. Hope to have them in 6ish weeks or less. Pre-Order runs though Feb 15th. Get them now, who knows if I’ll do a reorder…I’m lazy…If you buy 2+ pairs I’ll throw in a free koozie, if you pick-up local I’ll refund the $1 shipping either in beer or cash.

S Under 7
MD 7-9
L 9-12
XL 12+



Thinking of Gravel…

It’s been a bit chilly and icy up in the Northland, as I roll closer to February I start thinking of spring rides, in MN since the trails mud up pretty well, that means gravel riding a lot of the time.


Minnesota was a pioneer in long distance gravel races with Ragnarok, Almanzo, Heck of the North, and now a pile more. If you aren’t riding now, you better get on it if you want to have a chance of finishing one of these crap weather shit shows.  Get those postcards in the mail.


It’s a MEAT-UP

Winter 2013 MEAT-UP – Feb 7th @ 7PMish. Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub.

So you say, I’m new to this MORBID game, what’s a MEAT-UP you ask? Well, it’s a like going to the bar with 20-50 of your friends and having a good time drinking, chatting about bikes, beer, knitting, and random life lessons.  Everyone is cool except for that one jerk over in the corner(hey the MSP bike community is small).

Show up, you’ll have a good time and I might give you some stickers or a coozie.

More Info: FACEBOOKS!!!