If you only buy one piece of gear this winter…

Make it this:


The Rapha Winter Collar is my favorite piece of gear for cool and cold weather riding. It’s a light weight wool, soft against your neck, and doesn’t feel like someone with weak hands is trying to strangle you slowly. Wear it high over your mouth and nose or just loose around your neck and it keeps you plenty warm on the coldest days but is breathable so you aren’t too hot. $40 bucks is expensive, but I believe it is worth every penny.

Get yours here ON SALE 20% OFF: http://www.rapha.cc/winter-collar/ or at your local Rapha dealer.

Whiskey and Whisky


My bicycle named Whisky resting outside Whiskey the horse’s grave site at Fort Snelling.  33 mile loop, at sundown the bugs were a bunch of fucks.  Old married guy slow road ride tomorrow at 8pm, 30 miles or less with a beer stop, start and end near Lake Nokomis, South MPLS.  Post up on the MORBID FaceSpace+ page if you are interested in joining us. I’m out.  -PR

Tuesday Night Ride

On the road again, one of these days I will see dirt…this weekend hopefully. Got in a shorter 18 mile loop with MikeyB, the rain was closing in and we didn’t have much for lightning protection. Stupid 4130. We did manage to stop at The Herkimer for a quick beer and a bite to eat. The beer tasted a bit like glass cleaning fluid but I got though it.

Time to watch UHF, drink some chocolate milk and go to sleep.  -PR


Proud dad today, daughter loves bacon. After feeding her dinner and putting her to bed I went out for a road ride since the Monday Night Theo ride was dirtless. Did a short 25 mile loop around the lakes and greenway, usually makes for some good people watching. I kept count this time and from 8-930PM I counted 167 people on bikes that I passed or overtook.

Nice night for a ride, wish it was dirty. -PR